March 28, 2008

Yet another food recommendation

We can't seem to get enough of restaurant recommendations (or eat out too much, which ever:-)) but Leiden does have it's fair share of nice places to go.

Tonight we went to Tapas En Zo again and I have to say, yet another good food and wine filled evening and in the end being surprised by the check. We nearly OD'ed on tapas (no seriously, how much tapas can a person eat...) had a bottle of wine and to only have to pay 30 euro each (including coffee and liqors instead of desert) in this day and age is simply amazing.

Good quality food, you do need to have some patience with regard to the waiting staff (students, need I say more), but in the end it all comes together and you can't leave other than happy, full and still have money left in your wallet.

Would def recommend it and will probably go there again.


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