July 12, 2008

New beer cafe - Olivier

Earlier this year a new cafe opened in Leiden, Olivier.

In the building where there used to be the former Elisabeth Gasthuis hospital, now a fabulous Belgian beer cafe has emerged. The inside is like a 'bruin cafe'. Outside there is a huge terrace and two places where you can sort of lounge. For any kind of weather, the perfect outside spot right in the middle of town!
They have a huge beer menu with different types of Belgian beer and you can also have lunch and dinner there. The menu especially for dinner looks very appealing with its Mussels made in four different ways.

Plenty of friendly staff and most surprisingly not at all too expensive. We just went for drinks had about 6 to 8 special beers and two 0.75l bottles of LaCouffe and two rounds of 'bittergarnituur' and paid 65 euros. Not bad at all!

Will def go back for lunch and dinner one day! (make sure you have a reservation, this place is immensely popular at the moment!). Oh and if the bouncers tell you they can't let anyone in because it is too crowded, don't make the mistake to argue with them. The bouncer is always right :-)


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