April 22, 2007

Where to spend the summer (1)

Recently discovered, but quickly developing into one of my favourite outdoor places in Leiden is de Zijlpoort. Although I've never really been inside, the outdoor part is great for the kind of summery weather that we're having at the moment.

It's a little bit out of the city, on the water, and part of an old entrance gate to the city (which is what the name also means). Perfect to be chilling in the sun - either for their nice lunch dishes, or with a glass of wine later in the afternoon.

On the other side of the gate is another recommendation: Restaurant Wessels. Good food, in a nice but not too formal setting, with good staff.

We were there during Easter, for a surprise menu including oysters (and salmon/asparagus salad for the other half of the table) as starters, lamb as a main course, and eggnog parfait with raspberries (and a selection of cheese) as desert. Of course, with coffees and chocolates to finish the night. Yumm.

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April 12, 2007

A few of my favorites

Living in a new city means discovering new favorites. After about 6 months I've found a couple of great shops that of course you need to know about as well. So let's get this blog rollin' again ;-)

Favorite bakery
Jacobs - located on De Oude Rijn
Favorite shop for bath products
Rituals - located on De Hoogstraat
All time favorite place
The market on Wednesday and Saturday. There is such a great variety of stuff to buy there. From fruit and veg, to olives, turkish breads and fresh herbs. Fresh and fried fish. Flowers. My all time favorite place in Leiden at the moment!