August 6, 2007

Summer encounters

Saturday night I was part of a new initiative, taken by Leiden sculpture Koen de Vries and his wife Mirja. During four summer nights they have cooked for and entertained 10 guests. Ten people that don't know each other, all together for Summer encounters. (website in Dutch)

Through a friend of mine I heard of this and we decided to give it a go. The worst that could happen was not liking any of the people there. (for some reason I wasn't too afraid that the food, all vegetarian, would be awful)

We had quite a fun evening. It's funny how you so easily talk to random strangers, while enjoying the food and wine and end up having a fun evening. I must say if I had the space, I would love to have those "living room restaurant" type of dinners at our place. Maybe in a next house?!

The last summer encounter (this weekend) is already sold out. Let's hope this initiative gets a sequel!