December 29, 2007


A few weeks ago I was looking for a good place for dinner. I found Scheltema by accident but I really liked it.

Like de Zijlstroom (see a few posts below) it's inside a factory building and completely renovated. Scheltema has a much more industrial look to it though. Lots of greys in the interior, high ceilings etc. Besides the restaurant, it also has a cafe and a theater complex which can be used for different things.

And the food. Pretty good too, it's been a while so can't quite list anymore what we had but it was a lot! Pretty adventurous in a way, there were quite a few surprising combinations on the menu but a very good choice in the end.



This post is slightly overdue, as these are pictures of what the city looked like a little over a week ago.

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December 2, 2007

Chocoholics Anonymous

Since a couple of months Leiden has a new shop for chocolate addicts "Het Chocolokaal".

Last friday me and some girl friends had a chocolate workshop there. O.M.G.!! Put 10 women in a room with two tubs of melted chocolate and you can hear a pin drop!

Syl, the owner makes most of her own chocolates and makes special stuff on request as well.

Go check it out some time, its on the Botermarkt, right next to the Kijkshop.