October 21, 2007

Lunch favorite

After yet another fab lunch there, I thought I'd mention Stadslokaal Burgerzaken. Right across from city hall (hence the name) on the Breestraat and always a good place to have great food.

They have a lunch menu with a couple of fantastic sandwiches. At the moment there are varieties such as Old Amsterdam cheese * Mackerel * Vitello Tonato * Seranno ham * Lambs ham and a vegetarian one.

But they also have day specials for soups, sandwiches and salads.

Haven't had a chance to go there for dinner, but I hear great things about their tapas dishes. So yeah, definitely worth checking out if you are in Leiden!


October 1, 2007

3 October

3 October is a special day for the city of Leiden. Each year marks the anniversary of how the people of Leiden ran the Spaniards, who occupied Leiden, out of town.

To mark this occasion the entire city celebrates with music, markets, a kermis. And a lot of people (not yours truly) eat 'hutspot' (a mash with potatoes, carrots and onions).

The morning of 3 October every citizen of Leiden can have herring and white bread at city hall, as that was the food that was brought to Leiden to feed the starving citizen.

It is a very local anniversary, but it does mean that all shops and offices in Leiden are closed and everybody who works in Leiden gets the day off.

More information about 3 October (Dutch only) can be found here