February 8, 2008

Another food discovery: Siesoton

Despite having lived in this city for about 10 years now it's good to see that every now and then there are still some new discoveries to be made. Maybe there's no rush to leave this place after all.

The latest restaurant discovery was thanks to some friends of mine who had recently come across a new Thai restaurant: Siesoton in the Doezastraat.

It's tiny, maybe five tables all together, and the staff is admittedly not so fantastic but the food was very good - definitely one of the better Thai places in town.


80 maps

As I was walking home the other day I passed the RAP office. I always look in through the huge windows as I'm quite curious to know what they do, but except that it's something about architecture I have no clue.

I think I definitely need to change that. At the moment they are hosting an exhibition on city maps of Leiden. The exhibition is accompanied by events such as lectures, workshops for kids etc. It looks really fun, as the events appear to aim at showing you an unknown part of Leiden via the stories behind the maps.

More information about the exhibition and all its side-events is here. Go see it!

February 3, 2008

More shameless promotion

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